Keep Judge

Judith Benckart

on the Bench


Guided By Principle

“Do what is right, not what is easy”

For over 35 years, my legal career has been driven by the principle of doing what is right, not what is easy. Because of this foundation, I am proud to assure those in my community and in my courtroom that they will receive a prudent and prompt decision.

Appointed in 2018 to complete the term of retiring Judge Kenneth Todd, I am grateful for the opportunity to act on this principle in service to a greater cause.  My record, thus far, will show that I am independent, honest and experienced and I am ready to continue to serve as a judge in Monroe County Circuit Court.  

Grounded in Community Values 

“I listen carefully and respectfully, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard”

Chalk it up to being born and raised in Indiana as one of 8 children, but there is value in making sure everyone has a chance to speak, even if it does get noisy sometimes.  My dad was a Marine which instilled a respect for order, rules and fairness while my mother, as a school nurse, cultivated my sense of compassion. 

This upbringing honed the decision-making skills that I put into practice every day not only as a judge, but as a neighbor, businesswoman, wife, mother and grandmother! 

I have lived and worked in Monroe County since 1988, accumulating extensive civil and criminal legal experience, predominantly in Bloomington.  Navigating my personal and professional lives through three decades of changes and challenges has given me great perspective and empathy.  This is crucial when dealing with the cases that come before me that concern child custody, divorce and other domestic issues. 

Before making any decision in any case, I listen to all sides, carefully and respectfully, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.  Through this process, I take the matter to heart while meticulously applying all available legal knowledge and resources.

Geared for the Future of Monroe County 

“Justice and compassion go hand in hand, and it is this balance that I carry forward as your judge”

I understand, all too well, that “explosions” happen in everyone’s life.  Upheavals like opioid addiction, life-threatening illness, divorce, and financial crises can be devastating, debilitating and life-changing. My previous position as deputy prosecutor under Judge Marc Kellams taught me that justice and compassion go hand in hand, and it is this balance that I carry forward as your judge. I do my absolute best to use my experience, within the confines of the law, to help folks through the difficulties that bring them to the courtroom. In fact, I firmly believe that it is my absolute duty to do so.   

This sense of duty inspired me to raise my hand and ask to be considered for appointment by Governor Holcomb in 2018.  The connection between justice and compassion meant I raised my hand with reverence when I took the oath of office.  The commitment to continue raising my hand to do what I can in the community, while raising the bar and “doing what is right” every day as your judge, means I need your support in the 2020 election for the Monroe County Circuit Court, Seat 5.

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